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Michael Batt Foundation (MBF) strives to develop and maintain links which it considers will be of benefit not only to the people supported and the organisation but also to the local and wider community.

MBF, with consent from the person supported, encourages family involvement and works hard to maintain positive relationships by keeping communication open, informative and honest.

We acknowledge we do not always get everyting right, however we are willing to learn from such times and identify a way forward.

MBF has forged good working relationships with health services over the years and seeks advice/guidance as and when required. We envourage the people we support to speak up for themselves during meetings/reviews and work with them to understand the importance of their personal develeopment.

Through role modelling we will encourage the people we support to develop their life skills in order for them to live safe and fullfilled lives in the community as full and active citizens.