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My Life

Every person supported by Michael Batt Foundation (MBF) has a 'My Life' guide developed especially for them, with them.

The My Life guide includes detailed information relating to:

  • the persons needs
  • how the person wishes to be supported
  • when they wish to be supported
  • who they wish to be supported by

This guide is a flexible working document which changes as a person's needs do.

The guide includes up to date information in relation to the person's development and is a great way of recognising and celebrating the person's achievements.

Within the My Life Guide, we utilise the following protocols:


PBS is a way of working in a person centred way to improve a supported person's quality of life. Sometimes we may support someone who exhibits behaviours of concern that could challenge others and PBS is about looking at why these behaviours happen - because challenging behaviour happens for a reason - and find out what the person is trying to communicate.

MBF is a member of the Plymouth PBS Steering group and uses Person Centred Approaches, Positive Behaviour Support and Active Support.

Please visit the website below for a brief video outlining PBS:

PBS Information Video


Active support is a set of tools and guidance for supporting anyone with a learning disability to participate more in their own lives; to learn new skills and/or take part more in their own lives. This means avoiding the 'hotel model' where everything is done for a person and instead, encouraging the person to be actively involved in their life.

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